Who we are

Scipilot was founded by Pip Jones, and Matt Russell, with Dr. Nicholas Badcock acting as an advisor. We are software professionals, aiming to commercialise proven science to improve lives, and the lives of scientists.

What we are doing

We apply proven thinking and approaches from the software and technology industry to commercialise proven science in local markets, building desirable, valuable, products. We aim to create self-sufficient products that are self-serve, and low cost to run.

Our Products


Syras is a systematic review screening tool, built to help accelerate the manual labour required in systematic review screening.

Find out more at Syras.org

The Castles and Coltheart Test 2 (CC2)

This test assesses the functioning of the key processes in single word reading: sounding-out ability and whole word recognition ability. Scipilot developed an app that provides digital flashcards, and automated scoring for the test, available at the Apple App store.

Coming soon